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Would you like to have a secure supply of electrical energy to use during peak consumption times? BMESS can make it happen.

Energy Storage

Now you can store electricity via lithium-ion batteries to be used at opportune times. Homes and small businesses stand to benefit from energy storage, as do commercial and industrial sites.

Energy Analysis

Let us perform an energy analysis for you and recommend the best storage method while giving you an estimate of what you'll save in electricity costs. We offer 100% financing, government rebate financing, and leasing options in order to maximize your ability to save money on electric bills.


One popular method of power saving is arbitrage. It's a fancy accounting name for buying low and selling high. This method is often favored by residential and small business users. It focuses on the times of day when energy costs are highest and lowest.

Some energy is stored when demand is low. Later, during peak usage times, the stored energy is discharged. The process is known as time-of-use arbitrage.

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Peak Shaving

Peak Shaving is similar to arbitrage. This method uses stored energy during peak energy consumption periods. Commercial and industrial applications often use peak shaving to save money on electric bills.

Backup Power

The backup power method uses stored energy during power outages, storms, natural disasters, or blackouts. If you lose electricity for any reason, you can turn the system on to restore the power quickly and easily.

This power outage solution is ideal for commercial and industrial energy storage. If a restaurant loses power during a busy time of day, stored power reserves will allow business to resume as usual. This is just one of the advantages of stored energy.