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Save Money on Electric Bill in San Clemente, CA

Increase the value of your home while saving money on your electric bill in San Clemente, CA. Our beautiful state is bathed in sunlight for hours every day. So why not take advantage of those ultraviolet rays? Installing solar panels is as substantial an upgrade as renovating your master bedroom, which will make your home more desirable on the housing market. This low-risk investment will net you thousands in savings. 

Our community is perfect for solar power. During the hot summer months, your home will generate more energy than it consumes. It just makes sense to power your home with a clean energy solution. Our energy storage systems will lower your energy bills with solar panels while also significantly lowering the amount of greenhouse emissions and harmful pollutants. Not only that, but you could also potentially earn income from solar energy.

Cost-Effective Home Energy Solutions

Start saving money with our energy storage systems. When you switch to solar power, you’ll see how much more beneficial time-of-use arbitrage is compared to conventional utilities. This process stores energy when demand is low and then discharges it during peak usage.

Additionally, you won’t need to worry about losing power anymore. Our power outage solutions ensure that there is stored energy to use in case of emergency. This method is most useful for commercial energy storage, as you can continue to maintain the same level of productivity in your business. Of course, residential use of this process can be just as valuable, especially if you work from home or if you need up-to-date information during natural disasters.

Sell Solar Energy

When your home or business is powered by solar panels, not only will you save money, but you’ll also have the potential to earn income on your energy savings. We’ll perform an energy analysis of your location and determine if you can benefit from solar power.

Here at Behind the Meter Energy Storage Systems, we believe in providing you with only the most cost-effective solutions. That’s why we want to ensure that when your home is equipped with our energy storage systems, you’ll generate more power than you consume. If your area is eligible, these stored solar credits can be sold to your local utility company. You can earn an annual income just from having solar panels installed in your home.

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